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The iconic eco-lodges of North Rupununi make sure that you irreversibly fall in love with nature. Varied scenery and wildlife attractions accessible from each lodge gives you the chance to sample a few of them in a single trip. This way you can get a glimpse of different animals and birds specific to a particular lodge. For example, Karanambu Lodge offers a peek into the life of Diane McTurk, the legendary river otter conservationist, and a chance to see giant river otters and giant anteaters. Caiman House’s caiman tagging river trips are fascinating while Atta Lodge’s canopy walk is an essential for birdwatchers. Rockview Lodge and Pakaraima Mountain Inn offers views of the sprawling golden savannahs and Pakaraima mountains while Waikin Ranch engages travellers in the lifestyle of a vaquero. Surama and Rewa Eco-Lodges are hinged on community-led and owned tourism, where the villagers are in charge of and directly benefit from all tourism activities. More than anything else, the lodges are great learning grounds, both for amateur nature lovers or seasoned wildlife enthusiasts. A stay at any of these establishments promises a unique wildlife getaway and many offer immersive cultural experiences.

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