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View Points & Overnight Camping

There are three main viewpoints to witness the majestic beauty of the Kaieteur Falls. The hiking trail affords stops and photo opportunities at Johnson, Boy Scout, and Rainbow viewpoints, named after the visible rainbows you can often see at this spot. Though the trail only takes 20 minutes to walk, the entire tour typically lasts two hours, which gives you ample time to spend at each viewpoint. Two other points, Break and Lookout, are closed for general visitors and require special permission from the Protected Areas Commission to visit.
Timings: Dawn to dusk (depending on how your tour is scheduled); Entry Fee: US$25 per person to land and enter (via plane) and US$35 per person to enter (overland)

The rustic Kaieteur Rest House is set near the top of the falls, and the equally rustic Tukeit Rest House lies at the foot of Kaieteur Mountain, where the Kaieteur Gorge empties into the Potaro River. Overnighting at Kaieteur requires special permission in advance from the Protected Areas Commission. In addition, hammocks, bedding and food supplies must be brought in, so booking a visit with a tour operator is highly recommended.
Timings: Dawn to dusk (depending on how your tour is scheduled); Entry Fee: included in your landing fee

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