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Waterfalls & Islands

The Essequibo has numerous waterfalls in all shapes and sizes. Given Guyana’s perennial summer, several along the Lower Essequibo are popular. Baracara, on its namesake island, and Marshall Falls are favourites with locals. In under 30 minutes you can reach these falls on foot. The easy workout is worth it for a crowd-free time in the soothing pools. Baracara is a tiered waterfall with a mellow mood, while Marshall falls is slung over a 30-foot-high escarpment. Both are natural Jacuzzis to cool off in the tropical weather.

Some of the islands to explore are:

  • Gluck Island
    Gluck Island is a great refuge for the nature enthusiast. Visit here to see the best of the country’s well-preserved biodiversity – caimans lazing around on river shores and Victoria Amazonica Water Lily-laden ponds – and keep your eyes peeled for over 200 species of birds.
  • Parrot Island
    Amongst the many islands of the Essequibo, pick an evening for a visit to Parrot Islands. If your timing is right, you will see thousands of parrots that come to roost at night. The thick forest canopy of the small island is undeveloped, providing a safe haven for the birds. That plus plenty of fresh fruit make it hard for the parrots to resist.

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