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The field station found at the Iwokrama River Lodge is a good base to hire naturalists and go on walking trails or boat rides to spot capybaras, giant river otters, and arapaima. If you’re lucky, it’s possible to spot sloths bears, Harpy Eagles, and even jaguar. The easiest wildlife to spot is the resident black caiman, Sankar, who hangs around to greet you as you approach the lodge. The night-time trips to spot the nocturnal ‘creatures of the night’ are even more exciting in the thick forests when the sounds of the jungle seem more menacing, and caiman eyes shine like diamonds in the waters. Birders come with long checklists, often with Crimson Topaz, Crimson Fruitcrow, Great Jacamar, Golden-sided Euphonia, Violaceous Trogon, Buff-throated Woodcreeper, Guianan Red Cotinga, and Black-headed Parrots on their short lists. With roughly 500 species, Iwokrama has been identified as one of the best birding destinations of the world.

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