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Bartica Safari in Guyana

Bartica Safari

?Every August, a contingent of 4×4 and motorcyclists venture to Bartica from Georgetown by road. The 3-day safari passes through the town providing participants with the opportunity to sample local fare, visit waterfalls and enjoy a stroll on the newly constructed boardwalk.

Golden Beach & Other Sights

A yellow strip of sand meets the traveller first before hopping onto Bartica from the ferry point. This is the epicentre of all the action on the Bartica Regatta weekend. It’s also the perfect spot relax or cool down in the Essequibo for a swim. Timings: Dusk to dawn; Entry Fee: Free Apart from the …

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Canje River & Moleson Creek

The area near the Canje River has some notable monuments to stop by. Guyana’s former President, Cheddi Jagan and his wife, Janet are laid to rest at the Babu Jan(John) cemetery. The Rose Hall Martyrs Memorial and Town Monument are grim reminders of the long decades of slavery in the region. You can also stroll …

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Winkel Settlement

Bordered by the New Amsterdam Prison’s farm on the north, Vryheid Street on the south, Smythfield on the east and Penitential Walk on the West, Winkel is a historic settlement established in 1812. The word Winkel is Dutch meaning shop, so this area has been known for the artisans, blacksmiths and carpenters that lived in …

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Ituni Masonic Temple

Constructed in the late 19th century, this elegant wooden building is home to one of Guyana’s oldest fraternities – the Freemasons. Located on Ferry Street, the Masonic Temple is decked out with beautiful timber louvres, stained glass windows and intricate fretwork. Timings: Dawn to dusk; Entry Fee: Free

Town Hall

Constructed circa 1858, the New Amsterdam Town Hall is located on Strand Street, New Amsterdam. It addition to housing the office of the Town Council, it also houses the New Amsterdam market below. The building is described as having Tudor influences, a typical example of Guyana’s timber architecture. Originally, the Town Hall had a 75-foot …

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