Riverside Nature Resorts

Sloth Island

Sloth Island Sloth Island on the Essequibo River doubles up as a perfect romantic and adventure getaway. Your time here can be filled with bird watching, nature walks, canoeing, fishing or just enjoying hammock time. Naturally, sloth watching is a top priority for most visitors, and you’re likely to spot one.

Hurakabra River Resort

Hurakabra River Resort Hurakabra River Resort is known by many locals for its water-based activities and relaxing homey atmosphere. Here you can enjoy swimming, kayaking, hiking, birding, or just lounging around in a local hammock with a good book. The owners welcome both overnight visitors and day trip visits.

Baganara Island Resort

Baganara Island Resort The 187-acre Baganara Island is home to Baganara Island Resort. This resort has a strong appeal for outdoor enthusiasts. Nature walks, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking trails, birdwatching and just plan old rest and relaxation are some of the highlights. It is ideal for groups of family, friends, and colleagues.More Details.

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