Bruges and other attractions of Belgium

It is unlikely that any of the tourists will divide the Northern Venice of Europe, the fabulous city of Brugge. The capital of Western Flanders, one of the Belgian provinces, is located on the network of narrow channels filled with water, between which the gravestones are crowded. Do you remember the fairy tale about the gingerbread house? So, the creators of the city have implemented it here in a much larger scale. Even the souvenirs for tourists here are performed in the form of Brugge's houses from chocolate, which are rarely eaten, keeping in memory of Northern Venice.

Bruges is a romance embodied in architecture. Here they hold their honeymoon newlyweds, beloved here come here to finish their feelings by long memories, and here you can see huge families with young children. The fairy tale city, a city, filled with comfort and hospitality that neither the rest Belgium, nor France, nor Holland, cannot boast.

Bruges became the subject of pride not only by his inhabitants, but also all the Belgians who consider their second capital by one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

Bruges returns us to a fairy tale, in childhood and, despite all the ancient landmarks of Belgium, who can be found on any street of the city, it is filled with life, and the life of a young, felt here in every cyclist, hurrying in his business, in every house with burning windows , in the windows of each shop and cafe ...

And how many landmarks are here! Museums and churches, towers who survived several centuries, and old buildings in which the townspeople still live, the statues and cathedrals withstood the onslaught of the two world wars, not at all victims and not losing their original beauty. Belgians are proud to be attractions here more than the residents themselves.

Brussels himself can not boast of such a number of restaurants and cafes that work in Brugge. Having ordered a traditional dish of acne, mussels and potatoes, you will feel the true taste of Belgium, and having tried one of the varieties of the favorite drink here, learn what this beer is. By the way, even in the smallest bar, which is called, "for their", sell about 20 varieties.

And finally, the most beloved landmark of Brugge is the famous Belgian chocolate, which can be bought in a simple food shop, and in the chocolate museum. Chocolate restaurants are always open for great sweets, all the dishes in which are preparing with the addition of this sweetness. And in Bruges, festivals dedicated to chocolate are held annually on which the best confusers of the city are presented to all sorts of surprises to guests and residents of Northern Venice. To begin our article about 1XBET let’s take a look at the site. The 1XBET website has been created using mainly blue and white as the base colours and that makes everything clear and easy to understand. 1xBet promo code It’s simple, you’ll get an exclusive, higher than the standard one welcome bonus - up to €/$130 (or currency equivalent) - the standard one is only up to €/$100. What's more is that you can use our 1XBET bonus code from any country (as long as they accept players from it) and for any available section on their website: casino, sports, poker, games, bingo, tote or virtual sports.