What is handling

At the very beginning of the exhibition career of my dog, I was all clear from the first exhibition - Handling, it is a serious and responsible work with the dog. How I was mistaken thinking that it was so easy to get out with a dog in the ring, show her in the rack, run - here, perhaps, all, the victory is provided to you, because your red blood puppy. Unfortunately, many people think so ...

What is Handling? First of all, it is a whole art of a dog showing at the exhibition. Only an experienced breaker can hide the shortcomings of a particular dog, and to the court of expert show her advantages. Handling can be called professional dog preparation for exhibitions. That is, when a person teaches a dog stand in the rack, show teeth and move in the ring.

Despite the fact that many mistakenly think that there is nothing complicated to "run" with a dog in the ring, more and more famous nurseries have several handlers in their state.

Often looking at Ringgi from the side, I always unmistakably distinguish just the owner of the dog, who came to exhibit his pet and professional dog show Hendler.

What is the difference? The owner - does not know how to show a bite (there is a struggle of dogs and a host, who is trying to pull up higher Bryls to show the teeth), often the owner does not take into account the color of Ringgovka, and the color of their outfit (well, who goes to the exhibition in salad outfits ...) . And what to talk about the rack and jog when the dog is dragging on Ringka. Another thing is a professional - graduated light movements, an ideal rack with a fading, a good bite showing, a harmonious combination of handler costume with a dog color. In general, everything is perfect - "from" and "to". No matter how cool, and the handler must be an experienced person, he must be able to work with different rocks and dogs of different characters and ages. That is why many who put dogs are increasingly engaged in some kind of defined rocks, and not all in a row. You will agree, there is a big difference between the tiny and modest chihua hua and an energetic American bulldog.

In addition to the professionalism of Hendler, it is also a person with a stable psyche and good physical data. A strong psyche needs to communicate with different dogs and owners. Well, without good physical. Preparations do not do at all - large dogs, moving in different cities, showing 5-10 dogs for one exhibition.

It is worth remembering that the reputation of the handler "at all in sight", one error can cost careers. There have been cases when Handler took a dog to the exhibition in another city, and she was dying in the way. In this case, not before the disassembly - why died Dog. The entire Internet and breed forums are immediately sissed by the topics of the type, "such a handler killed my dog, do not trust him the life of his dog" ... Hardly you want to entrust your animal to such a "professional." Therefore, trust your dogs only experienced people, while remember that the savings can cost your dog's lives. When playing in online casinos, players are looking for the best online pokies. In fact, there is no such term as each player appreciates the different features of pokies. To choose a suitable slot machine, you need to choose a suitable plot because the game should be fun. In modern casinos, the best online pokies in Australia are categorized by topics. Legends, movies, travel, adventure, these are just some of the plots available. RTP and Volatility are additional parameters that will help you choose the best online pokies AU. RTP refers to the percentage of payments while Volatility refers to their amount and frequency.