Nairobi sets a higher range of licensing fees for premises conducive to gambling

According to a report by Business Daily Africa , the Nairobi County Assembly's ratification of the Nairobi County Betting, Lottery and Gambling Act 2021 means that betting outlets must hand over about $5,560 for their inaugural licences while also paying an application fee of $92. The new legislation also allegedly introduced an annual renewal fee of $278, as well as a $92 location transfer fee.

Expensive certification

For those properties in Nairobi that offer casino-like gaming and the revised bill reportedly introduces a grant fee of $926 as well as an application fee of $92, of which $2,780 is for each annual renewal and $1,850 for each transfer. There is also a now anticipated $37,000 fee for annual lottery licences on top of the $9,260 application fee with $4,630 and $231 that tied for annual renewals and transfers respectively.

Operator Obligations

For those thinking of applying for a licence to offer gambling in Nairobi, the paper reported that local applicants are now subject to a " investigation fee" of $4,630, to be doubled for those applicants who happen to be foreigners.

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State Purse

The newspaper reported that the gambling industry in Kenya, which has a population of about 55 million, has grown rapidly over the past few decades and is now a multi-million dollar industry. The Nairobi government's decision is allegedly an attempt to amass some of this impressive wealth to help improve a number of public welfare programmes and infrastructure . One of Kenya and Nigeria's biggest bookmakers, Melbet is increasing the number of new players each month, according to first quarter 2021 reports recently provided by the operator. A more detailed Melbet review can be found at BettingLion.Africa.

Jackpot contribution

Business Africa Daily reported that the revised Nairobi legislation furthermore imposed a $46 fee on every draw conducted by any local betting, lottery or gaming enterprise, in addition to the 10% " entertainment tax" levied on winnings revenue. Bingo operators have not escaped notice as they will now allegedly be required to shell out about $278 for three-month operating licences and hand over 15% of their proceeds to the County Lottery Distribution Trust Fund for distribution within two weeks on a number of ' good. causes. '

The burden of sports betting

At the end, the paper reported that properties in Nairobi offering ' betting, whether through a machine or personal betting, are now required to pay a grant of $1,850 as well as an annual renewal fee of $926 and a transfer fee of $92 for each application.