Players OJC Rosmalen see own statistics via app

Players OJC Rosmalen see own statistics via app

The JO19-1 of OJC Rosmalen is one of the first teams in the Netherlands to use the 'Footbar'. This is a kind of tracker which allows the players to see many statistics after training or game in an app. The Footbar is part of a pilot of the KNVB.

Roland Jansen, account manager at the KNVB, explains briefly what a Footbar is: ''Footbar is actually a tracker that you attach under your sock to your strong leg, and then it measures your speed, shot power, and ball possession.'' The Footbar is a pilot project of the KNVB, which is intended to ensure that soccer becomes more fun. You can also use Footbar service to bet on sports games online cricket betting websites list. At the moment OJC is one of the first clubs to participate in the pilot and besides the JO19-1 a girls team also uses the Footbar. 


Players of the JO19-1 are very satisfied with the Footbar. One of the players says that he is more motivated by the tracker: "It is good that it makes you more motivated. Those who don't make that many metres are put under pressure to run more.'' Another says he is already learning a lot from the Footbar: ''I can see how much I run every training session, whether I run more, and whether I am on an upward trend or not.'' 

The pilot runs until the end of the season, and it is still unclear whether the trackers will be used in the next seasons at OJC or other clubs. To see the last season, please click here

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