Batman passing tips: ARKHAM ASYLUM - Main Missions # 036


In any case, you will have to be extremely careful during the battle. Do not forget to use cloak attacks against more experienced thugs and do not allow other prisoners to select an assault rifle. You will also have to follow the active pumps on both sides of the room, because contact with them may have serious consequences.

Drain as soon as you manage to defeat all enemies. Nearby there are two control panels, and you will have to use the sequencer to turn them off. Now you can return to the top balcony and open the door leading back to the pressure control unit. Go forward.

Be sure to use the same tactics as before, so you have to move away from the beast and wait until it starts to flee to Batman. Throw into the creature of Batarang, and then perform the maneuver of evasion. Come to the stunned beast and apply several shots to apply additional injuries. It would also be nice to encourage mutant to hit one of the electrified barriers instead of a standard wall.

After you are stunning the beast one or twice, the monster will be kneeling, giving you the opportunity to jump on his back. Please note that new prisoners arrived in the arena, and it would be nice to attack them before you are forced to go out.

Sooner or later you will have to start attacking the models alone. During this battle, follow the mutant, if necessary, evading his attacks. You can also fully ignore the thugs and just run around the room in the hope that you can again settle the beast or that the mutant will damage the enemies without your help.

The following phases of this battle will be very similar to the first. Every time you find the path to the back of the monster, you will attack a new group of models. Win the creature only if you have already dealt with other enemies. This will allow you to continue the execution of the current job.

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