Webinar Software - Factors To Consider In Selecting An Insightful Webinar Platform

What is Webinar Software? A webinar is basically a combination of the words webinar and conference. Webinar software normally runs the online video conferencing meeting.

Webinar Software

What is webinar software?

It is best defined as a webinar, online presentation, interactive session, or event which is held live and attended only by a select, exclusive audience. It is also called a one-on-one or one-on-many meeting or conference. There are various types of webinar software including desktop, personal, big-room, channel web, cloud web, etc. The best webinar software is the one that provides you with a high-end interactive presentation that makes users experience a unique and full-featured online experience.

Webinar Software- WIndow Based and Web-Based

  • Most webinars these days use Windows-based platforms. However, there are webinars that work well on Macs too. The webinar software should be able to provide the attendees with the best user experience no matter what operating system is used on their computers. Webinars run on HTML5 using an internet browser and can be viewed on any modern browser. Using webinars, internet marketers and trainers can showcase their products and services to large audiences and have them become interested in purchasing the products and services.
  • Some webinars are held with automated web-based participation. In such webinars, the host controls the interactive segment of the meeting through a remote control program. The automated surveys, questionnaires, and questionnaires are sent to the attendees in a separate email. Based on the responses, the host will decide what needs to be changed in the service or product. This is good especially for big organizations that need to set up recurring online campaigns.

Major Integrations Of Webinar Softwares

Webinars also integrate with other integrated services offered by the hosting provider. There are many webinar integrations available today. Some of these are charged yearly while others are charged monthly. The hosted service should enable easy integration with all the services offered by the provider so that the attendees can get the maximum value from the service.

Webinars integrated with the whiteboard platform

 The click meeting service enables the use of Microsoft Office Online. The click meeting tool can also be used for sharing PowerPoint presentations. It can be integrated with any number of online collaboration tools and calendars. For example, it can be used with Google Docs, Basecamp, OneNote, Trello, and Yahoo! Sheets.

Webinar software integrated with Zoho Meeting 

The webinar host has the capability to provide for the customization of the slide shows and the whiteboard. This way, you can get the best webinar software at a very affordable price. You can use your own special software for the presentation as well as for the whiteboard. All these features will enhance the usability of the webinar software.

Webinar Analytics Integrations

You will be able to track the audience participation and survey the number of questions asked during the webinar. You will also know the click-through rate and the revenue generated through advertising. All these things are very essential for webinars so that you can make the right decisions in terms of monetization. You must be able to determine the impact of the webinar on your business and choose the webinar marketing solutions that will increase the revenues of your business in the long run.

You should check if the webinar software you are using goto webinar web analytics and insights. The analytics will give you the data that you need regarding the number of unique visitors that came to your website, the number of registered guests and the number of registrants. The webinar marketing solutions that have goto webinar web analytics will help you determine the impact of the webinar and its advertisements. The insights will provide you with data on the number of times your advertisement was clicked or the number of times your ad was shown.

Another thing that you should check is the availability of support via telephone and e-mail. Support via phone is very important because people will be able to contact you easily in case there is a technical snag during the webinar. E-mail support is important because most of the participants will not be able to access the webinar feed on their computer. You will need to have access to this feed in order to communicate with your audience. The support will also help you resolve any technical glitches that goto webinar has.


Webinars are getting more popular and this is why there are more options for webinar platforms. When selecting your platform, it is best to do a mock test to make sure that everything will run smoothly. If you have the prerequisites already, then you can start building the platform right away and incorporate the necessary functionality. You can always upgrade or migrate if you want to in the future.